Who says there is no FREE LUNCH!

Our goal with Pastor2Pastors.com is simple, to provide a safe place for pastors and ministry leaders to come get encouragement and coaching for the journey.

Attention ALL Pastors/Ministry Leaders/Pastoral Staff!

(right now, I am limited to the Tri-Cities, Tennessee area but new partners in other regions are coming soon)

I’m inviting you to email me at keitheglover@gmail.com or simply reply to this post and let me know you’d like to have a FREE lunch and someone to talk with who’ll encourage, pray for and befriend you.  My single goal is to encourage you, not to sell you anything or try to get something from you.

No strings attached!

I really don’t have any other agenda but to encourage and lift you up in prayer.

Just contact us today and schedule your FREE LUNCH!

(these are individual lunches, so slots are limited due to budget and time restraints.  I typically take one pastor to lunch each week, so be sure to contact me today and get your time slot secured!)

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