Conversations of Communion and Community

It’s amazing how many times in our life that conversations can make all the difference.  Sometimes I’ve been emotionally connected to an issue and am convinced that the actions I’m considering are completely correct.  Of course we have no way of being able to see from all directions.  That is why we were made primarily for communion and secondarily for community. Communion with God; community with brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.

We are called into communion with the three-in-one Godhead.  Perfect unity is only found in this Holy Trinity; God–Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  When I have conversations with God, it is called prayer; the most intimate of conversations.  These conversations can certainly change a life.  We must have these conversations with God in order to find our way.  We also need other conversations as well…conversations with those along the journey with us.

Recently some men and I have been meeting weekly, early on Wednesday mornings, to have such conversations as we read through the book by John Eldredge entitled, “Waking the Dead: The Glory of a Heart Fully Alive”.  I had read this book before, however this time it seemed different…deeper somehow.  The message that my heart is the treasure of the kingdom resonated with me and I witnessed more than a few glory-filled moments in our fellowship over the last months.

Chapter 11 in the book “Waking the Dead: The Glory of a Heart Fully Alive” talks about the “fellowships of the heart”; the vehicle in which we take the journey with our small band of intimate allies.

These are the people with whom we simply live life; where we  know and we are known.

This is where we have those difficult, but needed conversations about the glory of God placed within our own hearts and how we are living that out daily.  If we are not known, this will never happen.  And we will never be truly known in a huge crowd.  Armies are large, but they operate in small platoons when in battle…and oh, my friends we are in a battle.  We are at war, but most of the time we don’t act like it!

If you are a pastor, or ministry leader you know you are in the heat of the battle.  If the enemy can take you out, he can have mass casualties.  This terrorist of our soul is wanting us to buy the lies he is whispering in our ear, and if we don’t make time for those valuable conversations with our intimate allies regularly, he will take us out.

Please, don’t isolate yourself!  

Please talk to someone, and let them in.  I understand that pastors are at a greater risk of losing their jobs if they are real about their struggles.  However, they are also at a greater risk of losing their soul as well as their jobs if they isolate themselves and never open up to a trusted few, only to be taken out in a moment of weakness.  There is strength in a biblical community; a true fellowship of the heart.

The whole point of offering coaching and friendship to pastors here at Pastor2Pastors is to give you a trusted place where you can be real, open and honest about your daily struggles and find an ally to walk with you along the journey, pray for you and simply be a friend.  Please contact us and begin the conversation today.

We all need communion and community…even pastors!

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