A Parable by Tim Rogers

Once upon a time an eagle’s egg rolled out of a hole in the nest. It rolled gently down the mountain trail arriving safely in the farmyard below. As it turned out a hen passing by saw it and assuming it was a chicken egg, rolled it to her nest where she proceeded to hatch it.Our young eagle grew up with the chickens. He ate with the chickens, slept with the chickens, and ran about the barnyard with the chickens. However he would often look at the eagles soaring above and long to fly. Suddenly the other chickens would notice the eagles above and beginning running for cover. He too would run and hide.

“I wish I could fly,” he would moan. “Don’t be silly. You are just a chicken” the other chickens would reply.

One day as our eagle roamed about the yard he got far from the other chickens. Suddenly he heard screeching and saw the chickens running for cover as an eagle swooped into the barnyard. He was too far away to catch up with the others and found himself face to face with the eagle.

Looking him over the attacker ask, “ What are doing here with these chickens?”

“I am a chicken, where else would I be?” he replied trembling. “Please don’t eat me!”

“Chicken? Eat you?” Our visitor was clearly puzzled. “You don’t know you are an eagle?”

“What?” his curiosity aroused.

The other eagle eyed him over, walked all around him several times. Sounding somewhat puzzled he ask, “ Have you never wondered why you look different from the other “chickens”?”

“Oh” he replied, “ I just assumed I was not a very attractive chicken”

His new friend just shook his head. Then with a twinkle in his eye he said “ Why don’t you take off running with me and start flapping your wings and lets see what happens.”

Reluctant to trust an eagle and yet feeling strangely comfortable he agreed.

“Now do what I do and when I say jump, then jump and start flapping your wings.”

He ran only two or three feet with the other eagle when he heard “JUMP!” Suddenly he was airborne. “Keep flapping slow and steady like me,” his teacher admonished.

Bewildered and exhilarated he climbed higher and higher. Suddenly fear gripped him. “What am I doing? I am a chicken”. His friend smiled and replied “Are you really now?”

“I have been wrong for so long. I am not a very good eagle. I feel so foolish. What if …if I fall?

Smiling his teacher spoke, “ You are asking the wrong question?”

Circling round and round he asks, “What is the right question?”

“What if I learn to soar?


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