Joining Forces with Energize Ministries

DSCF1032For nearly the last 15 years I’ve attempted to become a Pastor to Pastors.  I’ve always had a heart for pastors and ministry leaders after about 10 years as a youth pastor and seeing the pressures upon those who give their lives to God by serving in vocational ministry.  I know first hand the toll that dealing with eternal life and death issues for long periods of time can take on the pastor and their families, and I wanted to simply offer friendship, encouragement, and a listening ear to the pastors.

I founded Pastor2Pastors in 2004 and have adjusted how I serve pastors as God has led over those years.  Mostly, I’ve just been available to them as a coach and friend, and taken them out for coffee or lunch to encourage them.  I’ve found that most of them just want someone to listen to them, and pray for them as they lead their respective families and ministries.  Balance between those two are often the issues we discuss.

Several years ago, I met Andy Bowersox with Energize Ministries at The Coffee Company in Elizabethton, TN.  As I shared my heart for what I’d like to see happen, I remember he became tearful and I could feel his heart was aligned with mine in what God had called us to do.  It was evident that my passion was focused on directly coaching and supporting the pastors/ministry leaders and his was to equip churches to better take care of their pastors to avoid major burnout issues.  We both knew that the two “fit” together hand in glove, and from that day forward I think we both just knew that somehow, in some way, we’d be working together to fulfill God’s purpose in our ministry to pastors.

After several long conversations and emails and much prayer, the timing is right for the two ministries to join forces to more effectively minister to and support our pastors.  Energize Ministries has decided to replicate the ministry they’ve had in Winston-Salem, NC for years right here in East Tennessee, and I will be the Pastor to Pastors/Leadership Coach for the Tennessee area.  I cannot express how honored I am to be joining the Energize Ministries team, and how grateful I am to my friend, Andy for never giving up on this vision we share to help refresh, rejuvenate, and restore pastors.

Please stay tuned to for details of how this new chapter will unfold as we join forces to make a kingdom impact.  Pray for God’s blessing and guidance to be upon us, and as always….Pray for Your Pastor!

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