About P2P

Pastor2Pastors.com is here to offer prayer support and encouragement to pastors and ministry staff.  We do this by offering Pastors/Ministry Leaders a listening ear and access to an ongoing relationship of encouragement as well as incredible leadership training and coaching.  We want to help leaders in the Church be all they can be and take better care of themselves so they can better serve those entrusted to their care.

Learn to REST and control the PACE of your life and ministry, so that you are not taken out in the fierce battle the enemy is waging against you and your family.  Please, contact us today to see how we can best encourage and pray for you!  You may be eligible for a scholarship to one of our leadership mastermind groups or other services offered by ConnectionPoint.

Call today and take the first step from a Good leader to GREAT leader!


Keith Glover is Christian Life Coach and founder of Pastor2Pastors and ConnectionPoint
He helps Pastors and Ministry Leaders take care of themselves to better serve others!
Call him at 423-791-2913 or email at keitheglover@gmail.com

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