Joining Forces with Energize Ministries

DSCF1032For nearly the last 15 years I’ve attempted to become a Pastor to Pastors.  I’ve always had a heart for pastors and ministry leaders after about 10 years as a youth pastor and seeing the pressures upon those who give their lives to God by serving in vocational ministry.  I know first hand the toll that dealing with eternal life and death issues for long periods of time can take on the pastor and their families, and I wanted to simply offer friendship, encouragement, and a listening ear to the pastors.Read More »

Guest Post by Mark Miller

Thanks to my friend Mark Miller for allowing me to share his wonderful post with you!

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The Most Important Part of Leadership

Most leaders don’t understand what REALLY determines their success. We mistakenly believe our trajectory is determined by what we can do. This is a half-truth. As I look back on my career, I’m not sure when I discovered this – regrettably, it was MUCH later than I should have. Do you know what is required to be a great leader?Read More »

Who says there is no FREE LUNCH!

Our goal with is simple, to provide a safe place for pastors and ministry leaders to come get encouragement and coaching for the journey.

Attention ALL Pastors/Ministry Leaders/Pastoral Staff!

(right now, I am limited to the Tri-Cities, Tennessee area but new partners in other regions are coming soon)

I’m inviting you to email me at or simply reply to this post and let me know you’d like to have a FREE lunch and someone to talk with who’ll encourage, pray for and befriend you.  My single goal is to encourage you, not to sell you anything or try to get something from you.Read More »