Iron Sharpening

Recently I scheduled a lunch meeting with a pastor in an attempt to encourage him in the ministry.  My intent was great, but the application of that intent fell short.  Why?Read More »

Out of Control

Recently, I was at an early morning gathering of brothers who are trying to live out what we say we believe. The topic of conversation was “control” and how we (as men especially) struggle with control in our lives. I discovered that when I think I’m out of control, GodRead More »

5 Reasons Some Pastors/Leaders Become Un-teachable

Proverbs 1:7(ESV)  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge;
 fools despise wisdom and instruction.”

Is it possible that we who instruct become fools too often because we are approached so much for the answers and we actually believe that we have all of them?  When we get to a point in our ministry or spiritual life that we begin to believe the “myth” that we are the guru of sorts in our sphere of influence, we are at the end of knowledge or the beginning of foolishness.  This leads me to the five reasons some pastors/leaders become un-teachable.Read More »