Iron Sharpening

Recently I scheduled a lunch meeting with a pastor in an attempt to encourage him in the ministry.  My intent was great, but the application of that intent fell short.  Why?Read More »

Out of Control

Recently, I was at an early morning gathering of brothers who are trying to live out what we say we believe. The topic of conversation was “control” and how we (as men especially) struggle with control in our lives. I discovered that when I think I’m out of control, GodRead More »

Just say ‘NO’!

How does saying “no” effect your leadership ability?

We who are “servant-hearted” leaders have a hard time saying “no” to demands of others. We truly want to help and know that God has gifted us to help others. Yet, we wind up unintentionally over-committing ourselves and being much less real help to the masses than we’d like to admit.Read More »

3 Things I learned on the Front Porch

“Be still and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10a (NIV)

As often as money and time will allow, Melissa and I will head to the Great Smokey Mountains for a weekend get-a-way. We usually stay at our favorite resort in a cabin with a peaceful porch and relaxing hot tub. Recently, as we were on one of these get-a-ways, I was experiencing an especially stressful time at work. Read More »

A Parable by Tim Rogers

Once upon a time an eagle’s egg rolled out of a hole in the nest. It rolled gently down the mountain trail arriving safely in the farmyard below. As it turned out a hen passing by saw it and assuming it was a chicken egg, rolled it to her nest where she proceeded to hatch it.Our young eagle grew up with the chickens. He ate with the chickens, slept with theRead More »